The 3 Conditions for Tapping Your Creative Brain

Relaxation, a light focus, and a good mood are key to stimulating the networks in your brain that generate creative insight. So what brings all three factors together at one time?  The answer is taking a walk. Stanford researchers found that creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking and that the creativity walking stimulated continued even after a person sat down shortly after a walk.

If you can’t take a walk, do this … 

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Take a 20-minute break. The gain in performance and creative insight from breaks is substantial. It refuels the brain with ions that power fast brain waves.  

  • Step away from work and look out a window.
  • Look at the sky. Watch the wind blow. Sense the way the sunlight encourages the grass and flowers to grow.
  • Look at people you pass with non-judgmental eyes.
  • Let your mind and brain relax completely.  
  • While on break, keep your mind open just enough to catch a creative insight that might emerge.

Let Your Mind Wander

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It can increase creative intelligence by 40%.

  • Allowing your mind to wander or daydream allows the brain to associate two or more ideas from different brain networks.
  • It creates the brain state in which the dots begin to connect themselves without you doing anything.
  • As with breaks, maintain enough awareness so that even as your mind wanders, you are able catch a creative thought that emerges.

Add This to Starting Your Day Positive

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The right brain offers you some of its best ideas in the morning just after waking up. On waking,  see if your right brain has any new creative insights to offer you.

Take the Creativity Test

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