Positive Relationships

The landmark research of Carl Rogers identified three attitudes that create positive, successful relationships.

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  1. The first attitude is authenticity, which means dropping facades and roles. There is a match between what you think and feel and how you relate. You are open, honest, transparent, and present. .
  2. The second attitude is an unconditional positive regard for others. This means accepting another as a person of worth deserving of your respect exactly as they are – strength, flaws and all.
  3. The third attitude is empathic understanding.  Empathy means entering another person’s experience so completely you lose all desire to judge, change, or condemn them.

Below are tools that can help develop these attitudes.

The Connection Quiz

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 Take the Connection Quiz and identify how you are relating to the people in your life.

Giving and Receiving are the Same

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Practice offering positive regard to everyone today. See how quickly peace returns to you.

Empathy is How We Connect

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We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy.

Yet listening of this very special kind is one of the most potent forces for change in a relationship.

The Empathy Video

Building empathy by learning to read faces.

Everyday Forgiveness

(forgiving the small stuff)

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Keys to Positive Relationships

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Review the keys that make relationships work.

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