What Am I Afraid Of

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Biologically, stress is fear, and research has found that fear is illusion 97% of the time. That means 9.7 times out of 10, your fear is telling you a lie that you’re believing. The What Am I Afraid Of tool helps you identify your fear, dissolve its illusions, and recover the perspective and brain power that can resolve the issue instead of ruminating over it.

Conducting the What Am I Afraid Of process

Step 1: Download the Worksheet

Step 1. Click the image above or the link here for the What Am I Afraid Of worksheet, print it, and then return back to this webpage.

Step 2: Listen to the Case Study (optional)

Step 2.  Orient yourself to how the process works by listening to the audio of the case study (below) of the lawyer who was afraid of losing a case.

Step 3: Do the Process

Step 3. Enter in the box at the top of the worksheet you just downloaded a fear that persistently plagues you. It can be a recent fear or one that has plagued for some time. Next, play the audio below that guides you through the process.

Self-Compassion Meditation for Fear

Click image for the PDF

Click recording  below to be guided through the self-compassion process.

Finish Each Day and Be Done with It

Click for the PDF

Use this process at the end of a day when fear took charge.

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