Basic Daily Practice

Scroll down for the simple tools that make up the Basic Daily Practice.  There is a tool for starting the day positive and one for ending the day peacefully, especially a day when stress take over, and there are 4 tools for busting the stress and strain that can happen in between.

Start the Day Positive

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Take 5-minutes first thing in the morning – ahead of the rush – to frame your day in a positive light. Click below for the audio.

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Dynamically Positive Attributes of a Peaceful Mindset

Choose one to three positive qualities you’d like to experience today. Then delineate one action you could take to accentuate that quality throughout the day.

Brain Break (Time Out for Peace)

During the day use this short brain break to calm your mind, restore your peace and lift your spirits. Watch the video on how to take a brain break.

Click below for the audio that guides you through the process.

Brain-Breaks-Timeout-for-Peace-Minute Brain Break PDF.

Click here for PDF of the Thought Awareness tool

This tool shifts stressful thinking, dissolving the anxious, angry, depressing thoughts that fuel a life of stress.

Click here for the Clear Button PDF.

This is the on-the-spot stress buster.

Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to stay out of trouble then to get out of trouble.” The Clear Button keeps you out of trouble by busting knee jerk stress reactions that produce reactions you will later regret.

Click here for the Finish Each Day tool

Use this process at the end of every day, especially a stressful day,  and you’ll be the peaceful attentive person your family is hoping to see.

Basic Daily Practice Poster

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Print the Basic Daily Practice poster and post it to your wall.

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